Garbage and Recycle Pick-up

  • Garbage is picked up every Wednesday

  • Recycle Pick-up is the third Monday of each month

How and What to Recycle

  • Plastic Bottles:

Acceptable: #1 & #2 narrow neck bottles only.

Unacceptable: Tubs (i.e. ice cream or margarine), toys, plastic bags, hard plastic, oil containers, etc.

Preparation: Rinse, remove all caps, and flatten.



Acceptable: Clear, brown, & green bottles & jars

Unacceptable: Light bulbs, drinking glasses, dishes, mirrors, and windows.

Preparation: Rinse and remove caps or lids

Aluminum & Tin/Steel:

Acceptable: Soda & food cans, aluminum foil & pie plates, scrap metal, screw-on lids, aerosol cans & paint cans (all cans must be empty and clean).

Unacceptable: Dirty Containers

Preparation: Rinse, remove ends, and flatten


Acceptable: Newspaper, magazines, phone books, writing paper, envelopes, & junk mail.

Unacceptable: Dirty paper, hard cover books.

Preparation: Bundle or place in paper bag



Acceptable: Corrugated, paperboard, & paper bags.

Unacceptable: Plastic coated boxes, Styrofoam.

Preparation: Flatten and bundle, bag or box